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“Think About It”: Be Anxious For Nothing

“Think About It”

When I was growing up we got “nervous” but I was raised to know it was temporary and that we could still function and live life. Nowadays it is not the same.

Being nervous was just a part of life that helped you build inner strength and prove to yourself that you could do better, keep going, try again, get up next time, work harder, confide in a friend, build your confidence and so on. Now it’s a reason to not work, be lazy, uninvolved, live off of others, be a victim, not move forward in life, become codependent and so on.

I can’t tell you of one time growing up that I saw my Mom nervous even though now as an adult, I know she was multiple times. I learned from her how to pray through my nervousness, uncertainty and to trust God. She raised my special needs sister and I never even saw her look scared when my sister had seizures. She fought the system, got training, worked multiple jobs, kept us in church, cooked at least 3 meals a day, showed up at my school functions, raised 4 kids, went through trials made it.

You know what I learned? To GO on in life and do better, be better, say better, live better and love better.

I have fought through and prayed through every trial whether I created it or it was just life happening or the devil attacking. Why? Because that’s what my Mom taught me you HAVE TO DO.

I’m not picking on anyone or even directing this towards anyone. I just want people to toughen up. Take a pill if you need to. Say a prayer if you need to. Do both if you need to but “the show must go on”...Selah


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