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By Pastor David Stroup III


According to the scripture when a person passes away, if they are born again they are immediately with Jesus in heaven. The Scripture says that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. When King David’s infant son passed away, David declared, “He can’t come to me but I can go to him.”


 Any time there was contact with the dead in the Old Testament, it was forbidden by God. In reality they weren’t communing with the ghost or spirit of that person that passed away but they were talking or interacting with a demonic spirit. 


The Bible calls these types of spirits “familiar spirits” because they are familiar with you and your family and your friends. Just like people are assigned guardian angels, Satan assigns demonic spirits to follow and spy on people. When psychics or those who like to dabble in the paranormal have contact with some being from the other side, they are opening a door into the spirit realm that is the Darkside of the spirit realm and this is not safe. Ever! God even asks us why do we consult the dead about the living? Consult God because He’s alive. 


It really is a dangerous act and people should stay away from any forms of divination, contacting the dead, psychics, Ouija boards Tarot cards and any form of the occult. We should always choose to honor God and not entertain these ideas because they always lead to great deception and harm.  Demons will lead you astray and they don’t care how it ruins your life. I have seen it over and over as I am ministering to people and casting out demons of how deep the occult goes and how dangerous it is.


You can be delivered and set free if you’ve ever dabbled in witchcraft or operated in it. Jesus has all power over the living and the dead. 


Here at Victory Worship Center we are not afraid to confront demonic spirits and run them out of your life. If your having a problem or an issue with this, come see us and we can help you get free.

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