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These were the very words spoken to me by the Holy Spirit concerning starting a church from the ground up. In doing this, we have watched God supply every little detail of the Ministry. It shakes you at times when what you're looking at isn't what God's Word promises. In these times, we have to learn to tap into the supernatural and trust GOD to see us through when we can't see, and to trust His voice when we don't know which direction in life to go. In your Bible, God promises to direct you through the darkest seasons of life with your Bible - God's Word. As we learn to surrender to the opening of our faith, we learn that God is there at all times willing and ready to empower us in every season of life. Bad things happen to righteous people but in the midst of it all, God has promised that if we would put Him first in all we do and keep the presence of the Holy Spirit active in us, then ALL THINGS WILL WORK TOGETHER FOR OUR GOOD. All things aren't good but God is always good. Keep God at the center of your heart, seek His Truth within the written pages of your Bible and watch God turn your life around for the good. -Pastor David

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