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Demons are very real. They are not just a figment of an imagination, they are not just a mental disorder and they are not just an old religious view concerning a problem children. 


Evil spirits come from one of 3 main groups that we have record of in Biblical text and Jewish writings. 


Demons are: 

1) the disembodied spirits of a Pre-Adamic (prior to mankind made in God’s image) race of fallen beings.


2) the souls of the giants who were flooded out by Noah’s flood and then killed off by King David. 


Angels become “devils” once they rebelled against God. In their fallen state, they continue to evolve into wickedness more and more. 


What we see Jesus dealing with mostly in the New Testament are demons, not fallen angels. A massive amount of fallen angels are bound right now in chains of darkness until the day of judgment because of what they did in Genesis 6 for having sexual relationships with women and producing off breed humanoids called Giants. However, there are fallen angels who deal with more serious business of satan. Fallen angels represent him and are still “ministering spirits” but they work in reverse of what God designed them to do. Fallen angels do opposite of Holy Angels and constantly keep religions and the governments of this world stirred up in strife and division to try and hold off the move and outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the lives of those elected leaders and appointed religious managers/Ministers. 


We know according to the Scripture that anything satan does or wants done he sends demonic spirits to do his work. It is the goal of satan to kill, steal, and destroy anything that represents any kind of life, peace or joy. 


We know according to the Scripture that Jesus “went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil.” The devil is the one that is oppressing, depressing and causing mental illness and disorders in the souls of people. 


Your soul consist of your mind, your will and your emotions. Once a demon(s) inhabits a person they form habits in the soul in order to control and cause chaos through out the individuals soul. The person becomes used like a puppet by the demons, and they are able to do whatever they want to do when Jesus is not Lord of that person’s life  


Let me say that not all mental disorders are the direct influence of a demonic spirit but they are all direct results of mankind removing themselves out from under the governing protection and will of God. 


The grace of God in every situation is that people can receive therapy, counseling, medicine, and help until The soul of a person is renewed by the power of the Holy Spirit. It is possible to be set free and healed of any disorder that is named. People need to use wisdom and work with doctors and medicine as their faith grows and as they learn who they are in Jesus Christ. In time it is true and possible for an individual to be delivered and made whole and not need counseling or medicine or rehab. This takes faith and time. 


The good news is that people do not have to suffer with what the devil oppresses them with because Jesus Christ has authority and dominion over the devil and healing, hope and grace for people. 


There are demonic spirits working in peoples lives that have only been dealt with on a surface level with medical science. These demons have been given very smart sounding names and titles. I don’t even need to list the titles because you can Google “mental disorder” and discover all the different disorders that are out there. But it doesn’t matter what name it has because the Name of Jesus is above every other name.


Those who are not born again that are in the profession of psychiatry can only go surface level into the mind and even at that  they have limitations.  we are thankful for any help that a person can receive in trying to overcome any and all mental and emotional pain. 


Jesus will work with your psychiatrist and help bring you into a complete person. That is his grace working in your life. If you take medicine, you take that medicine in the name of Jesus and know that it is part of what is helping you so that you can rest and build faith at the same time. 


Unless a minister can minister to you directly and deal with any demonic spirit that may be harassing you and get you set free immediately, you keep taking your medicine and seeing your psychiatrist. Even then, let your doctor examine you and get proof of improvement or healing so that you are covered in every area. 


Here at Victory Worship Center in Bartlesville Oklahoma, we pray over people with mental disorders and emotional trauma and we see Jesus heal and deliver them and make them whole. We would love the opportunity to get to know you and minister to you in addition to your therapist, psychiatrist, and your medication. You can experience freedom in every area of your life because God loves you and desires for you and designed you to be whole and healthy. God wants you to prosper in all areas of life and even prosper in your soul.

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